Increase sales. Not expenses.

Let Simple be your virtual sales force. Expand sales geography, selling hours, and digital sales effectiveness with better customer purchasing insights. Reach new customers and sell to existing customers more efficiently through the Simple Marketplace.

  • Create your company’s digital storefront on The Simple Marketplace and connect to thousands of new customers.
  • Stop being hamstrung by geography or limited to selling hours and sell directly on the Cloud.
  • Restaurants, Groups & Chains can discover your products 24/7 and reach out directly to request a quote.
  • Upload your full catalog. Add descriptions, photos, recipes, videos and more to entice customers.
  • Tell your brand story; highlight your private labels and let your products start selling themselves.
  • Create unique, private pricing per customer and increase your average order size.
  • Efficiently promote and sell 24/7 to new and existing customers on the marketplace that never closes.

  • Increase sales with proprietary market intelligence and insights your sales team has never had access to before.
  • Simple analyses customer data and market trends in real-time to help your sales team sell more effectively.
  • See your company’s percentage share of existing customer’s sales by category, product, as well as est. annual spend.
  • Get visibility to what products your customers are using that you could be offering.
  • See what they’re buying from others and market your comparable products 24/7.
  •  Lower sales costs and drive selling effectiveness with data-driven insights at your fingertips.

  • Leverage data-driven insights to identify sales opportunities and easily implement using Simple’s intuitive marketing tools.
  • Easily add and promote discounts, manufacturing rebates and samples to specific restaurant segments.
  • Analyze purchase history and buying behaviors to identify and hyper-target new sales opportunities.
  • Track customer response in real-time to optimize your digital selling strategy.

  • Sign up, add your sales team and Simple starts sending new leads directly to their inbox.
  • Save valuable time and resources finding new customers on the cloud – instead of on the road.
  • 2X your daily selling hours driving effective digital selling and quoting online. No more wasting time knocking on doors!
  • Provide your inside and/or field sales teams with the technology and customer insights they need to effectively sell online.
  • Stay competitive in a world where face-to-face selling is too slow, expensive, and next to impossible due to Covid - 19.

  • Give your customers our free ordering platform and see your sales soar!
  • Increase order size per customer by letting them easily browse your full catalog.
  • Highlight private label products, promotions and specials to drive even more sales.
  • Customers can easily find, discover and add products to their personal order guides with just one click.
  • Reduce ordering time by hours and processing errors by 90%. Saving everyone time, money AND frustration.

  • Save order processing time and enhance your customer’s experience.
  • Receive, confirm, process, and track customer orders all with one easy-to-use system.
  • Simple makes it easy for your customers to place orders 24/7 using their mobile phone or laptop.
  • Your customers see when you've received their orders and can track every step for total transparency.
  • Increase your selling time by 8hrs a week or more by eliminating manual order processing.
  • Sell deeper into existing accounts increasing profits.

  • Get closer to your customers using real-time chat and never miss a selling opportunity.
  • No CRM? No Problem. Simple provides everything you need at no extra cost.
  • Confirm orders and chat with customers all in one place. No more chasing emails and voicemails late into the night.
  • Send promotions and deals to one, some, or all of your customers with just one click.
  • Upload links to your full catalogs.

  • Eliminate manual order entry and reduce operating expenses having Simple sync directly to your central ordering system.
  • Sync your ERP and accounting systems and let Simple track and provide reports to help you stay on top of your business.
  • Save you and your accounting team many hours each month reconciling the books.
  • Automate order processing and give your customers 100% visibility to their order history.

Why Use Simple

Effortless Online Ordering

Join thousands of large & small distributors already managing their customers’ orders with Simple’s FREE ordering platform. See sales grow and order processing errors disappear overnight!

More Selling Time

With Simple’s powerful insights and digital selling tools, your sales team can focus on consulting and promoting products. Instead of knocking on doors and manually processing orders.

Easy For Everyone

Simple is easy to set up and requires little, to no training. It’s also designed to integrate with your existing ERP and accounting platforms. Making it friction-free for everyone on your team and your customers’ team to work together.

Getting Started is Simple as 1,2,3.

Contact the Simple Team to see how Simple’s technology can help with your sales and marketing efforts.

The Best in the Industry Use Simple™

Simple helps gain Customer market intelligence, shorten selling time and lower overall selling costs...all critical in a rapidly changing marketplace, where Digital is essential.

John Reisigl

- Cheney Bros