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How it Works

Simple’s suite of operational tools are easy to set up and use.

Technology and Business Process at the HQ Level plus integrated tools at the Store Level

Customize Your Software Toolkit

  •  Simple centralizes all your data, providing enterprise-wide visibility of every detail and dollar spent.
  •  Simple enables all stakeholders, from finance to operations, to proactively run the business.
  • Easily standardize processes and set KPI’s to manage pricing and vendor agreements across all geographies and concepts.
  •  Get detailed roll-ups of what you’re spending across all locations, concepts, and vendors on a product-by-product basis.
  •  Never be in the dark again and let margin erosion get a grip on your bottom line.

  • Improve order accuracy by 85%, and reduce ordering time at each of your locations by 2 hours or more per week.
  • Consolidate in real-time purchasing data across vendors, categories and products in One Place to control spending.
  • Manage and approve products, vendor bids, and purchasing decisions at the HQ level.
  • Send approved products, pricing, vendors, and recipes to your locations using Simple’s ‘Digital Order Guides’.
  • Use Simple’s ‘1Click’ ordering functionality to send orders to multiple vendors all at once, saving your team's valuable time.

It all starts by simply taking pictures of your invoices with the Simple App. You snap it and send it. We’ll code it and load it.

  • With end-to-end visibility across ALL vendors enterprise wide, Simple gives your team extra arms and legs to manage the business.
  • Use Simple’s invoice processing and coding service to manage Vendors, audit price changes and optimize your operations.
  • Real-time price updates from invoices automatically updates inventory and recipe pricing so you can see its impact on margins and your menu.
  • Know, in real-time, that the correct products are ordered and received at the right prices at all your locations.
  • With comprehensive and systematic real-time monitoring, Simple ensures your business is always optimized.

  • Drive effective purchasing with unprecedented analysis at the vendor, category, and product level across all your locations.
  • Hold vendors accountable by seeing how your prices compare to other similar operators in your markets.
  • Request better pricing from existing vendors or request bids from new suppliers with just 1-click.
  • Simple does all the math for you. Automatically surfacing savings opportunities without busting out the calculator.
  • Keep your data up-to-date and use the power of Simple to continually improve your margins and increase your profits.

  • Centralize Vendors and Products in one view, real-time.
  • Approve vendors and negotiate contract pricing.
  • Push approved vendors and pricing down to store level order guides.
  • Send out RFPs and Simple will do the math for you…No more spreadsheets to manage bids.
  • Manage the audit process to confirm compliance of product fill rate and contract pricing by vendor.
  • Alert when bids are received… Math done for you… You decide what you get.
  • No need for a team of analysts or a spreadsheet to do the math.

  • A simple, easy to you inventory process that mirrors pen to paper making it easy to train and get adopted.
  • Real-time inventory costing updated by orders and invoice processing.
  • Powerful reporting allows you to easily track inventory costs by storage area, category and product.

  • Organize your recipes for real-time costing to optimize margins.
  • Simple’s does all the math calculating yields and conversions.
  • Recipe costs are automatically updated in real time with your orders and invoice processing.
  • Track changes in costs down to the ingredient level.

  • Streamline your entire invoice processing cycle and reconcile your books in record time.
  • Detailed, auto-coded invoices save your location team's valuable time and eliminate costly human errors.
  • Seamlessly export data to your accounting platform and save countless hours of manual entry each week.
  • Simple expedites payment to your vendors and sends data, in real-time, back to HQ for on-going analysis.

Why Use Simple

It’s Flexible

Pick the package that’s right for your company and start saving time and money. Upgrade at any time to gain access to powerful invoice analysis & market intelligence services to unlock even more savings.

It's Easy

e designed Simple to be a cinch to set up and use with little to no training. We also can integrate seamlessly with your accounting platform and sync with your ERP, so there’s no hassles or headaches for you or your team.

It's All-In-One

Simple streamlines operations — at the HQ Level and location level. Saving you and your team tons of time. No more struggling to learn and use multiple systems and pay multiple monthly subscription fees.

The Best in the Industry Use Simple™

Simple has changed the way I approach the purchasing and ordering process for my company.

Michael Mina

- Founder, Mina Group

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