Meet Our Brain Trust

At Simple, we have access to some of the finest minds, with the deepest experience in our Industry, and business sense in general. Navigating the nuances. Testing the tech. Coming up with solutions. So you can focus on your business. Simple.

Our Investors & Advisors

VP Global Brand Strategy, Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO)
Head of Coca-Cola Foodservice

Founder of Outback 
Founder of Blooming Brands

Co-Founder @Sidecar (inventor of ride sharing)
Co-Founder Firemaps
Ex-Uber Team

Head of Product Design, EMEA & APACHead of Product Design, EMEA & APAC | Uber
Founder of Moop (acquired by Uber)
Co-FounderCo-Founder | Cradle Bio

  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts · Full-time Global Head of Restaurants and Bars; SVP, Food and Beverage
  • Fmr. CEO Think Food Group
  • Board Member Performance Food Group NYC: PFGC

  • Board Member Performance Food Group NYC: PFGC
  • Chairman & CEO of The Gartner Group
  • Chairman & CEO of Sysco (NYSE; SYY)

  • Board Member Performance Food Group NYC: PFGC
  • Founder Thompson Hospitality - the largest minority-owned, multi-billion dollar hospitality company in the USA.

Head of Marketplace, Wheels Up
CMO, Groupon & Airbnb
GM WW Marketing, Amazon