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Lower Food & Supply Costs

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Why Use Simple?

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Use our tools to get organized & save time. Then add our invoice analysis & market intelligence services to save more money.

It's Easy

Simple is a cinch to set up and requires little to no training. It also integrates seamlessly with your accounting platform and other systems. 

It's All You Need

Simple streamlines back-of-house operations. No more struggling to learn and use multiple systems and pay multiple monthly subscription fees.


  • Use your smart phone to send all your purchasing invoices to Simple.
  • Presto! Now you a have ALL your products and order guides digitized and in ONE place.
  • See, in real-time, how your prices change and how they compare (anonymously) to similar restaurants in your area.
  • Get cost savings opportunities and insights delivered directly to your Simple dashboard.
  • Continue to lower food and supply costs while expanding your product and vendor ecosystem.
  • Every invoice Simple analyzes helps you save more money and gain more insight. 
  • It only takes a few seconds to upload and enables Simple to continually compare and analyze your prices to others.
  • Simple also auto codes every invoice saving you and your bookkeeper hours each month.
  • Put Simply. The more you send. The more we analyze. The more you save.
  • See how your pricing is moving up and down in real-time.
  • Easily compare to others in your market (anonymously) at vendor, category and product levels.
  • Request lower prices from new or existing vendors with just one click.
  • Hold vendors accountable with real-time alerts. No need for an expensive purchasing dept to watch your bottom line.
  • Simple shares your purchasing data (not your prices) so reps know exactly what you need.
  • With your digital order guides securely on the cloud, more suppliers can 
  • Save 10hrs a month  or more getting supplier quotes directly to your inbox – instead of Reps knocking on your door.
  • Say goodbye to printing off order guides, blacking out prices, and taking unnecessary sales meetings.
  • Skip the late-night number crunching. Simple does all case breakdowns and cost analysis for you.
  • Gain access to price transparency and buying power that you’ve never had access to before.
  • Upload your purchasing information and find immediate savings on the Simple Marketplace.
  • Lock in contract pricing, get rebates, and other special deals directly from manufacturers.
  • Join hundreds of thousands of restaurants already using Simple’s group buying power to save big money.


  • Get auto-generated orders complete with product ID and unit information.
  • Add your team and use Group Chat to know who’s ordering what and when.
  • Real-Time Chat with suppliers — no more phone tag or checking emails late at night.
  • Menu Change? Simple! Browse existing and new catalogs on the Simple Marketplace.
  • See when suppliers open your orders, when they’re confirmed and when delivery is scheduled.
  • Keep Chef focused on the kitchen instead of chasing late deliveries or resolving costly ordering mistakes.
  • No more searching vendor websites or flipping through out-of-date printed catalogs.
  • Simple’s search engine helps you find exactly what you need.
  • Looking for menu ideas? Browse your suppliers catalogue and add items to your order guide with one click.
  • Shop promotions, request free samples, and find recipes from new and existing suppliers.
  • Save up to xhrs a week connecting with vendors and sales reps using Real-Time Chat.
  • Access everything you need on your mobile phone or laptop  — 24/7.
  • Manage vendors, products, invoices and orders all in one place.
  • Track purchasing by product, category and vendors in real-time. 
  • Easily see savings opportunities with Simple’s intuitive dashboards.
  • Generate monthly purchasing reports without wasting time with spreadsheets.
  • No more spreadsheets! Simple does all the math for you.
  • Quickly see and resolve statement anomalies and entry errors.
  • Export invoice data directly to your accounting software.
  • Use auto pay to pay vendors.

Getting Started is Simple as 1,2,3.

Sign up and send us your purchasing invoices.

Simple builds your digital order guides.

You’re all set! Start ordering from all your vendors.

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Using Simple in Restaurants has changed the way I approach the purchasing and ordering process for my company.

Michael Mina


Founder, Mina Group